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Frequently Asked Questions About Atlanta Area Home Care


Getting care for a loved one takes some deep thinking and can be quite scary, a lot of questions may come to mind; Is this company legitimate, how reliable are they and how do they screen their caregivers"? These are most likely the questions that come to your mind.  Yes, researching senior care options naturally brings up lots of questions. The ultimate way is to research a company before using them:

  1. Check if the company is licensed with the department of community health.
  2. Check on how long they have been providing care; it is usually recommended going with a company who have been around for five or more years.
  3. Get the home care agency to direct you to reference their current client.
  4. Check the company if they are bonded.
  5. Check if the company has liability insurance.
  6. Do they have workers compensation?
  7. Are all caregivers employees? And ask how they screen their employees.


When you have questions about home care and age-related issues, Certified Home Care of Georgia has the answers and the solution! We have a vast amount of experience, our founder has been caring since 1988.


Below are answers to some frequently asked questions that we receive. Don’t see the answer to your question here? Contact our professional care team today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Q:  In what areas are your services available?

A: Certified Home Care of Georgia proudly serves Metro Atlanta and Northern Georgia:


Cobb, Clarke, Barrow, Dekalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Hall, Jackson, Newton, Rockdale and Walton counties.

Q: Who needs In­ home care? 

A: In Home Care Services can be beneficial to disabled people, people recovering from surgery, a person who have had a serious accident, a stroke victim, mental illness or an elderly person with the following issues:

  • Your aging relative is having a hard time selecting their daily outfit and color coordinating.
  • Forgetting that the stove is left on.
  • Inability to maintain his/her hygiene
  • Trouble ambulating
  • Confusion in performing the regular task.
  • Unable to drive to their doctor appointment
  • Having a hard time with remembering if they have eaten.
  • Forgetting to take a bath and keeping themselves groomed.
  • Forgetting to take medication.
  • Having trouble preparing meals and selecting nutritious meals.
  • Needing help with housekeeping and reducing clutter.
  • Complaining of being lonely and having no one to talk to.
  • Someone who is getting confused.

If your loved one has experienced any of these issues, then it’s time for you to look into home care. Contact Certified Home Care of Georgia. We have helped families across Metro Atlanta and Northern Georgia since 2009.


Q: What method of payment is used for home care?


  1. Private Pay: check, credit card, cash
  2. Long Term Care Insurance
  3. Medicaid for qualified low income


Q: How much does the service cost?

A: Our home care rates are budget friendly. Contact us to schedule a free in-home assessment where we can meet with you to better determine the kind of care you need. We will meet and beat our competitors rate by 5%.

Q. How much notice is required before we can have service?

A: If we receive a call by 3 pm, Monday through Friday we can have a caregiver in your home within 4 hours after the call. On week ends if we receive the call by noon we can have a caregiver in your home within 4 hours.

Q. How do we set up service?

A: After you have made the call and a date and time have been established to discuss your needs. Our care coordinator meet with you to discuss a plan of care. We pride our-self on our skill in listening to understand each person need; so that we can exceed your expectation. This assessment is at no cost to you. There is never a contract, we believe we excel at delivering care, so there is no need for a contract; all our clients have the right to cancel service at anytime.

Q: Is your agency licensed?

A: Yes, we are licensed with the Georgia Department of Community Health.

Q. Are your caregivers insured and bonded? 

A: Yes, all our caregivers are employed by us and insured and  for your protection and peace of mind. We also have a liability insurance to protect each customer.


Q. Are your caregivers employees? 

A: Yes, all of our caregivers are employees.


Q. Does your company have workers compensation? 

A: Certified Home Care of Georgia carries workman compensation.


Q: What makes Certified Home Care of Georgia different from other in ­home care companies?

A: Our ability to listen to understand each client needs and give personal attention to both clients and caregivers is what sets our home care agency apart from the rest. We don't just send caregivers to your home; we meet with you to know what are your likes and dislikes. We then stay in touch with you to see if our promise of quality care is being delivered. Our ability to get things done to each client preference is extraordinary and our office team constantly search for ways to satisfy each client’s so that we can meet or beat their expectations.

We are very selective in our hiring process, not all caregivers who apply are hired.  Our best caregivers are referred by our best caregivers, we have a high standard of expectancy.  Our founder has been caring since 1987 and as the saying goes: it takes one to know one; she knows a good caregiver when she sees one. We brand caregivers with a respectful attitude and search for those that care from the heart.

We have a high caregiver retention rate as we compensate our caregivers favorably and look out for the well-being of both clients and caregivers.

Q. What are the advantages of home care?

A: When it is accepted that one can no longer care for themselves, it becomes a popular choice for more and more people that want to stay in the comfort of their home and receive care. From the time we were born we were created to be independent; we started walking, and then we grew old and created a nest, that nest is our home.  Our home is that familiar environment that we have arranged or design to our comfort, and as the saying goes; “There’s no place like home”, it is truly why many people can agree with us on the advantages of home care:

  1. Quality one-on-one care.
  2. The comfort of having things the way you want it.
  3. The privilege of having no restriction on visitors or the volume of the television.
  4. The independence, comfort, and peace of mind of having the care in that familiar place you have become accustomed to.
  5. Home Care can be cost-effective.
  6. The adjunct service, like the physical therapist, an occupational therapist that can also perform in your home.

Q. Who can receive In­ home care? 

A: Anyone with a disability, serious injury, head trauma, an intellectual handicap, recovering from a surgery, a stroke victim, mental illness or an elderly person with the following;

  1. Inability to maintain hygiene and grooming.
  2. Trouble ambulating.
  3. Confusion in performing the regular task.
  4. Unable to drive to doctors' appointment.
  5. Having a hard time with remembering if they’ve eaten.
  6. Forgetting to take medication.
  7. Having trouble preparing meals and selecting nutritious meals.
  8. Needing help with housekeeping and reducing clutter.
  9. Complaining about being lonely and having no one to talk to.
  10. Someone who is getting confused.
  11. Your Loved One is having a hard time selecting their daily outfit and color coordinating.
  12. Forgetting that the stove is left on.


Q. Will I be able to reach a staff concerning my care after hours? If so, how can I contact someone after hours? 

A: Yes. We have a staff member on call to take your calls 24/7. We never stop working until our customers are satisfied.

Q. Do you offer Respite care? 

A: Your needs are important to us; we know it can become very stressful for a family caregiver taking care of a loved one.  We can arrange for short-term breaks from two hours or more.

Q. Do you require a commitment to a minimum of hours and days a week in order to provide care?

A: Yes. We require a minimum of 2 hours of service per shift.

Q. Are your services available in nursing homes or assisted living facilities? 

A: Yes, we can provide care to you in any place you consider home.

Q. What if my caregiver is sick and cannot make it to my house?

A: If your caregiver cannot make it for her scheduled shift, we will schedule a replacement immediately. Your well-being is our major concern.

Q. What kind of services do you provide?

A: Certified Home Care of Georgia offers a variety of non-medical home care services, including assistance in daily living, meal preparation, bathing, dressing, medication reminders, companionship, light housekeeping, and much more. Please visit our Services pages for a full list of our in-home care services.

Q. How are your caregivers screened? 


Each caregiver has to be certified by the State of Georgia, we are big on giving preference to referral by our best caregivers. All candidates are then required to fill out our application and complete our mandatory competency test. Base on the score of our test we set up the first interview. On the first interview, we thoroughly debrief the applicant by asking questions to get to know more about the candidate's character. We then check their credentials:

  1. Background Check.
  2. References Check.
  3. Check Driver’s License Report.
  4. Check Abuse Registry Report.
  5. Check Sex Offender List.
  6. Check Immigration Status.
  7. Check the validity of documents presented e.g. Nurse Aide Certification, CPR, etc.
  8. Tuberculosis Check.

Based on the result of our screening and how well the candidate interviewed we schedule a second interview. Our second meeting will be to examine the caregiver skills and another set of questions are asked. After that final session, we discuss among our human resource team, analyze and select who is a good fit for our company.  Our selection is based on:

  1. Attitude- cheerful and respectful nature
  2. Knowledge
  3. Employee referral
  4. Eye contact
  5. Communication skills
  6. Availability, Adaptability, and Flexibility.
  7. Experience - A trajectory history in care.
  8. Good Manners.
  9. Attention to details skill.
  10. Listening Skills.
  11. A solid reason for leaving past jobs.

Q. What kind of training do your caregivers receive? 

A: All of our caregivers have gone to an accredited school for training to become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) and hold a Certified Nurse Aide License with the state of Georgia. It is mandatory for our caregivers to attend an extensive orientation on our expected standards, policies, attitude, customer services, code of ethics, HIPAA Law, signs and symptoms. In addition, we offer continuous training where our caregivers have to attend training quarterly on: etiquette, caring for different illnesses, recognizing warning signs and symptoms, and more.

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