How National Wheelchair Beautification Month Boosts Self-Esteem

Home Health Care in Braselton GA: In a world of young and able-bodied people, elderly disabled adults may have a negative view of themselves that seriously affects their self-esteem. When their health takes a turn for the worse and they need home care providers and family caregivers to get by, they can start to feel useless.


He could no longer care for himself! He was losing his ability to care for himself. He tried to hide it, but his wife caught it. “His wife thought it was painful to watch the strong independent man she married 50 years ago,” she told her kids it was hard to see their dad struggle…

Leukemia vs. Lymphoma: What’s the Difference?

Home Care Services in Braselton GA: A person can get cancer in any part of their body, even in their blood. Sometimes when a family is told that an older adult relative has leukemia or lymphoma, they aren’t sure exactly what that means.

Could Your Parent Be Engaging in Emotional Overeating?

Homecare in Braselton GA: It’s no secret that obesity is a serious health problem in the United States. Approximately 34 percent of adults in America are obese. Obesity can lead to serious conditions, like type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, and cancer.

Hiring The Right Caregiver

Hiring is a skill, it takes an investigative mind to dig deep in an interview, but it takes time and patience to screen and scrutinize documents to prove competency. It can get technical where after one has finish screening a possible caregiver/CNA and their work ethics is not what you expected and you are back…