What Types of Difficulties Might a Senior with Aphasia Have with Understanding?

If you are one of the approximately two million people throughout the United States who is living with aphasia, you know this disorder impacts your parent’s ability to communicate, but also their ability to interpret the communication of others.

Being able to recognize the challenges your senior is facing can make it easier for you to note when they are struggling and how they are struggling, and to take steps in helping them cope and communicate in the way that is right for them. One of the challenges your parent might have difficulty with when living with aphasia is difficulty understanding the communication of others. This can make it hard to interact and to feel comfortable in social situations, even with you.


Some of the types of difficulties your parent with aphasia might have understanding communication include:

  • Not understanding what others are saying to you.
  • Having increased difficulty in understanding another person who is speaking very quickly.
  • Experiencing more difficulty understanding long sentences.
  • Having more difficulty when in a crowded or noisy environment that might interfere with them fully internalizing what is said to them.
  • Having a harder time understanding jokes, sarcasm, or figures of speech.


Regular social interaction and support are very important for mental and emotional health.

Unfortunately, many elderly adults are not able to get the support and interaction they need on a regular basis. This can result in depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation and irrelevance, and even less motivation to care for themselves physically.
Increasing the amount of social interaction and mental stimulation your senior gets can make a tremendous difference in their health and well-being as they age. If you feel your senior is not getting enough support and interaction, senior care may be the ideal solution.

Having a senior home care services provider with your parent gives them valuable companionship, and also provides more opportunity for mental stimulation, activities, and access to transportation so your senior can get out of the house and participate in opportunities such as organizations, clubs, and even volunteer work that gives them this valuable social interaction and mental stimulation on a regular basis.

If your senior struggling with conditions such as aphasia, the support of this care provider can help them to better communicate, and understand the communication of others for more meaningful and beneficial engagement.

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