Hiring The Right Caregiver

Hiring is a skill, it takes an investigative mind to dig deep in an interview, but it takes time and patience to screen and scrutinize documents to prove competency. It can get technical where after one has finish screening a possible caregiver/CNA and their work ethics is not what you expected and you are back to square one again. Certified Home Care of Georgia prides its self in hiring quality workers.
Here are a few tips:
1. Always qualify the applicant by asking for their CNA license. A CNA is a trained nurse assistant who has attended an accredited school and sits an exam with the State to become licensed. It is necessary for you to hire a caregiver who is a CNA licensed by the State and have experience in the area you or your loved one is the diagnosis.
2. Background check and an abuse check are critical; it is also best to a random drug test.
3. Paying the appropriate employment taxes is mandatory.
4. Collect a minimum of 4 or 5 references from the applicant and call each reference
5. E-Verification this is a system provided by the US Immigration, it is used to check if someone is legal to work in the United States. It is unlawful to hire someone who is illegal.
6. Paying the appropriate employment taxes.

Sincerity & Reliability

Certified Home Care of Georgia can ease the stress of hiring and replacing caregivers. We are the destination for quality caregivers. Let us
Share with you a typical day in our hiring process.
a) Candidates must have the follow qualification before sitting a test:
b) Must be a Valid CNA in the State of Georgia.
c) Must be eligible to work in the United States.
d) Must have five-year work history.
e) Must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in caring for people with different illnesses or disabilities.
f) Must have the ability to pass a drug test.
g) Must have a valid driver’s license.
h) Must have valid car insurance if required to drive client.
i) Must have a current CPR Card.
j) Must have a current First Aid Card.
k) Must have a valid driver’s license.

An applicant with the above credentials and qualification can then fill out our application and sit our sixty eight questions exam. Base on the exam score Certified Home Care of Georgia will then schedule an interview.
After we have met for a one on one and interview, and depending on how well the applicant has interacted and convinced us about their qualification and skills we then precede to screening.

Screening can take from anywhere from 7-14 days and includes;
a) Checking validity of all documents presented.
b) Applicant is subjected to a random drug test.
c) Performing a background check.
d) Reference check.
e) E-Verification Screening
If everything comes back positive, we then schedule a second interview. In this second interview, we do a skills test and another thorough interview with the founder. Not all applicants are hired.
If the applicant has been deemed competent with a humble attitude, we then schedule our orientation.
In addition to being on board, our caregiver’s have to attend an ongoing caregiver workshop which educates our caregivers on customer services, signs and symptoms of different illness and how to adhere to their job descriptions.