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Alzheimer 's concept - when the world closes in. An elderly woman surrounded by her family.

The Significant Characteristic of Care shall read: “Care comes naturally when dispense from the heart”: Judine Lynch
Please share your experience in caring for a loved one or your experience caring by profession.

I have always said giving is not a business; you give what you can afford to and never expect anything in return.

Webster Dictionary defines care as: serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly to avoid damage. So then if we put the two words together we get care-giving. Care-giving is not just a duty or a favor, it is an act of kindness, it symbolizes dedication, compassion, patience and a gift built in our being.
Not everyone carries the trait to provide care; a person can be caring but at the same time not having the predilection or patience to care for someone who is sick, mental, disabled and or a person who has aged.
It is truly amazing how unselfish a caregiver is; taking care of their own personal issues including disappointments, and happiness and they are still able to provide dignified care to another person. I think that is priceless. A Good caregiver by profession is expected to be ethical, maintaining the client’s privacy, well-being and assuring the highest quality of care is given.

Throughout my career I have had many conversations with both caregivers who are caring for their loved ones and caregivers by profession.

Let me share are a couple of my conversations with some great caregivers:

A lady seeking care for her mom, once converse:
My siblings and I were born in New Hampshire. “My parents had four kids, three boys and myself, yes, I am the only girl, she said”. “My father had prostate cancer and my mom took care of him for four years before he passed away”. “I was only 16, and the oldest when dad died”. “My mom had become the best caregiver, taking care of dad while delivering care to others”. “You see mom was a caregiver by profession; she was a certified nurse assistant”, the lady went on to tell me about her mom”. “Mom was left alone to care for four kids and herself, she did it so gracefully without any help from family, her care-giving duties allowed her to provide for us”. “I truly believe she will receive the kind of quality care that she dispensed”.
When we started taking care of her mom, she said her mom had just celebrated her 86th birthday; her mom was no longer able to take care of her personal hygiene and get dressed. Her mom lived with her, she took care of her on the weekends and Certified Home Care of Georgia had a caregiver caring for the mom Monday through Friday while her and her husband were at work. The client lived Lawrenceville.
I told the daughter; the best care are from your loved ones, she did a great job taking care of her mom in addition to the care she got from Certified Home Care of Georgia. I say did because it’s been many years since her mom has passed away.

Just the other day I had a conversation with a caregiver by profession:
This caregiver I will call Giver, Giver is in her mid-forties and has been caring for 18 years, and she has such a zeal for care. She loves people, loves helping and she says her passion wakes her up every morning ready to care. I asked her what is her favorite thing to do in caring and she says putting a smile on my patient’s face and making a difference. I thought that was a nice thing to say.

Please share with us your care-giving experience.
Tell us how well you cared for a loved one?
If you are a caregiver by profession tell us how well you care?

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