Celebrate National Family Caregivers’ Month with Respite Care

Drinking coffee and reading bookBaking, shopping, decorating, parties, children’s school events, family get-togethers… add all of that to the ongoing routine of working and caring for your family, and you’ve got a recipe for stress! If on top of all of that you’re also one of the 34 million family caregivers in the United States, your level of stress may well reach the boiling point.

The holiday season, with all of its joy and festivity, is also well known in the caregiving industry as a time that many family caregivers begin to feel overwhelmed. However, with a little advance planning, the holidays can once again take their proper place as the most wonderful time of the year! The answer lies in professional respite care, which provides temporary relief for primary caregivers, allowing for periods of rest and relaxation, to run errands or accomplish other needed tasks, or to take a much needed vacation break. These tips can help:

  • Think ahead. If you’re planning some extended time away, be sure to begin the process of seeking respite care well in advance, to allow for a smoother transition for your loved one. Starting small, with a few hours a couple times a week, can allow the senior to become familiar and comfortable with his or her respite caregiver before a longer separation from you.
  • Write it down. Any concerns or particular likes/dislikes should be recorded in a notebook, along with a list of all medications taken, any allergies, food preferences, favorite activities, and perhaps even a brief description of highlights from the senior’s life that the respite caregiver can use to get to know the senior.
  • Prepare for emergencies. In addition to the details listed above, provide a separate list, posted in a highly visible location, of physicians’ contact information, along with who to contact in an emergency (including back-up emergency contacts). You may also want to make arrangements with the respite caregiver to check in at certain scheduled times, if desired.

At Certified Home Care of Georgia, we offer professional, reliable Dacula respite care that allows family caregivers the chance to improve their own health and wellbeing by setting aside a little time for themselves. After all, family members can only provide the highest quality care for those they love by taking care of their own needs as well.

Give yourself or a family caregiver you know the gift of respite care this holiday season! Our caregivers are all fully bonded, insured, meticulously screened and trained, and then carefully matched according to personality traits, shared interests, and more. To get started on your respite care plan, give us a call us at 770-635-8042.