Benefits of Home Care for a Parent with Dementia

Lunch at Retirement HomeWhen you have a loved one who is suffering under the burden of dementia, life can quickly become stressful for the whole family. You have a few options, but perhaps the best option is dementia home care. Here are 5 reasons to choose home care for a loved one with dementia over residential facilities.

Less Stress Means More Independence

We have seen many patients with dementia thrive in environments where they are allowed to maintain their independence for an incredibly long time, and many times this is only achieved through home care. Patients thrive in environments that are familiar to them because they are under less stress and are better able to relax and enjoy their lives. When people feel relaxed and less stressed, they will feel more in control and better able to be independent and make choices.

Keeps Families Bonded Together

One of the benefits of home care is to keep families together. When families are able to stays together in the same home and care for a loved one with dementia, the bonds between family members grow stronger. The strong emotional bonds and love that family members feel for each other and for the family member with dementia fosters a more positive healing environment.

Elderly coupleEveryone Has More Time

Many people who are caring for ailing loved ones who have dementia feel guilt for not being able to do more for them. One of the advantages of hiring home care is that you can enjoy your personal time knowing that your loved one is still being taken care of. While many feel guilty for leaving the care of their loved ones in the hands of others, you are really giving them the best possible chance at improving their own quality of life while improving yours as well.

More Cost Effective than Residential Facilities

Home care is most often more cost effective than the residential facilities that you can choose. In addition to all the other benefits, you might as well save some money as well. Residential care that can rival the quality of home care your loved one will get is extremely expensive in addition to not providing as nurturing and relaxing a healing environment as home care will give.

Qualified Staff to Provide Care

You have the love to give, but this does not always translate into knowing how to properly care for a loved one with dementia. One of the benefits of home care is that you have someone available who knows how to administer treatments and can provide you with guidance on helping the patient.