Why Your Elderly Parent Should Remain Living at Home

Why Your Elder Parent Should Remain at Home_image1Watching your parents age and lose independence is an emotional and often upsetting experience. For many, the transition from independence to assisted living can be frustrating and even painful. There is, however, something you can do to make that transition less difficult, and that is to allow your elderly parent to remain at home for as long as possible. How can you make this possible? Through elderly home care.

Can Your Parent Live Alone?

This is a difficult question, but whenever it is feasible, it is in your parent’s best interest to remain living at home. If it is safe for your parent to live alone, then you can provide them assistance with daily living through senior home care services. Check out our list to learn why it is best for your elderly parent to remain at home:

  • The comfort of a familiar environment: Many seniors find the transition from living at home to living in an assisted living facility or a rest home very difficult. In fact, some seniors never completely adjust to this drastic change in lifestyle. It is best to put off moving your parent for as long as possible for their mental and emotional health.
  • Daily assisted living: While you would undoubtedly like to allow your parent to continue living alone, it may become too much of a challenge for you to manage on your own. That is where daily assisted living comes in, as these professionals will help your parent manage daily tasks that may be difficult, including cooking meals, incontinence care, bathing, dressing, shaving, and even running errands. With assisted living from a CNA or nursing assistant, you can rest assured your parent is in good hands.
  • A more manageable cost: The costs of moving your parent into an assisted living facility can be too much to handle, especially for those on a fixed income. Taking advantage of daily assisted living services at home is the best option financially.