Georgia’s Trusted In-Home Care

As the healthcare atmosphere continues to change, the family members of seniors are looking in favor of home care options. Certified Home Care of Georgia offers cost-effective solutions, hich gives RESULTS to help those in need of assistance. It can be challenging to find the right person/provider to provide home care for elderly parents and other seniors which can take an emotional toll on the consumer. Home Care providers can be your best choice since you will have continous coverage verse hiring privately and the caregiver may not show up or have an emergency. If you find yourself in this situation, you are not alone. There are many people who have already been through the process and can relate. It may be time consuming  to hire someone everytime your caregiver leaves.  To help choose the best senior home care service, the following are a few tips to follow:

Qualified and Experienced Home Care Employees – Hiring the right caregiver is a skill and takes an investigative mind to dig deep in an interview. You need time and patience to screen, scrutinize documents and credentials. To begin, you must get professional and qualified caregivers who have experience with your diagnosis.

Check Licensing – Most states require home care services to be licensed and evaluated on a consistent basis. You need to acquire the appropriate information from your state or county health apartment. You should search for an agency that has some kind of accreditation even if your state doesn’t require licensing. Certified Home care of georgia is licensed by The department of Community Health.

Workers Compensation– It is not a requirement of every state, but it is best to hire an agency who has workers compensationfor their workers in your home.

Ask For References – People ask for references before hiring a renovation contractor or a babysitter, why shouldn’t we ask for references for senior home care? Agencies that are prepared to provide references should definitely be preferred over those that don’t. Any agency that is reluctant or refuses to provide references may have something to hide.

Hiring Policies – Ask about policies for hiring of any home care services that you are planning to use. Do not take a company on that does not make every effort to guarantee workers are properly skilled, screened, and fully qualified.

Check  Insurance Status – Make sure to find if the Home care agency have Professional Liability Insurance to protect you from any loss. The company should provide at least a sensible amount of insurance themselves and their employees who are in your home.

Certified Home Care of Georgia offers outstanding home care services with all of the above criteria and save you the time of hiring! Our founder has been staffing and providng care since 1987 and knows the intricate of caring.  Our experience and our ability to listen to understand each person needs is our guideance in providing quality customized care to fit each person needs and dislikes. We are Certified Home Care of Georgia customizing care to your needs one customer at a time. Contact us today! 770 635 8042