Do Older Adults Get Epilepsy?

Home Care Services in Alpharetta GA: Senior Epilepsy

Home Care Services in Alpharetta GA: Many times, people think of epilepsy as a condition that is diagnosed when a person is young. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that older adults are at a higher risk for developing epilepsy than younger people.

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How National Wheelchair Beautification Month Boosts Self-Esteem

Home Health Care in Braselton GA: National Wheelchair Beautification Month

Home Health Care in Braselton GA: In a world of young and able-bodied people, elderly disabled adults may have a negative view of themselves that seriously affects their self-esteem. When their health takes a turn for the worse and they need home care providers and family caregivers to get by, they can start to feel useless.

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FAQs About Elderly Adults and Heat-Related Illnesses

Home Care Services in Lawrenceville GA: Heat-Related Illnesses

Home Care Services in Lawrenceville GA: When an elderly person’s body is overloaded from high temperatures, they can develop heat-related illnesses like heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Elderly adults are especially vulnerable to heat-related illnesses because they have a more difficult time regulating their internal temperatures naturally.

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have you ever visited mom or dad and noticed that they are not the same as they use to? You’re not alone! Hiring “Great Help” has helped so many of our customers and lots of other families to remain in their home even during constraints and receive care. As soon as you identify that your…

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He could no longer care for himself! He was losing his ability to care for himself. He tried to hide it, but his wife caught it. “His wife thought it was painful to watch the strong independent man she married 50 years ago,” she told her kids it was hard to see their dad struggle…

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Why Family Caregivers Need a Break

Home Care Services in Berkeley Lake GA: Caregiver Breaks

Home Care Services in Berkeley Lake GA: Taking care of an elderly relative can be a challenge, especially if they are struggling with one or more chronic illnesses. They may be at a point where they cannot physically take care of their daily needs, and rely on you to help out.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Anemia

Elderly Care in Suwanee GA: Anemia Care and Tips

Elderly Care in Suwanee GA: When your elderly mom or dad develops anemia, you should be concerned about their long-term health. Anemia is one of the most common chronic conditions in seniors, with some estimates as high as 80 percent of all elderly Americans developing it at some time in their golden years.

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