Tips for Helping Seniors Prepare for Winter

Elderly Ladies LaughingGet ready…it’s coming! While there’s nothing we can do to stop those cold winter months from making their appearance, there’s plenty we can do to ensure that our senior loved ones are prepared. Help protect the safety and wellbeing of the seniors in your life over the winter with these tips:

  • Prevent falls. As we discussed in our last blog, taking steps to prevent senior falls, especially during the colder months, is crucial. While accompanying your senior loved one on outings, we recommend making a habit of keeping a small bag of rock salt or kitty litter in your pocket or purse to sprinkle over slippery patches you may encounter. It’s also safer to walk in the grass if sidewalks and paved areas appear to be slick.
  • Layer up. Prevent hypothermia by dressing appropriately, and for seniors who are at a heightened risk for complications from the cold, be sure they’re bundled up when going out. Dressing in layers allows the senior to stay nice and warm outside, and comfortable when reaching your destination.
  • Fight the blues. Loneliness and isolation can settle in for seniors who find it difficult to leave home due to colder temperatures and shortened daylight hours. Check in frequently through visits and phone calls to ensure the seniors in your life are safe and cared for.
  • Create a power plan. Winter weather can go hand in hand with power outages, which can be unsettling and even dangerous for the elderly. The CDC offers a comprehensive planning checklist to allow you to be proactive in preparing your senior loved ones for whatever the winter may bring.
  • Vary the diet. The tendency to eat less in winter months impacts many seniors. You can help by providing them with a variety of healthy and enticing meal options. In particular, with less exposure to the sun during the winter, it’s important that seniors receive an adequate level of Vitamin D, obtainable in foods such as whole grains, dairy products, and seafood.

If you could use a helping hand in keeping your senior loved ones healthy, safe, active and engaged during the winter months, and throughout the year, call on Certified Home Care of Georgia. Our Georgia senior care team loves nothing more than bringing joy into the homes and lives of the elderly, and safely transporting them out into the community to enjoy all the beauty and excitement the winter months offer! Contact us any time at 770-635-8042. We look forward to the chance to meet you, and to begin to enhance life this winter for the seniors you love!